Electronic Journal of Biology: Successful Journey last 15 years in Biology Research


Electronic Journal of Biology (ISSN: 1860-3122) expresses gratitude to all its elite panel of editorial board members for their continuous efforts, support and encouragement throughout the publication journey of the journal (15 years), right from its inception in the year 2005 we pride on providing a supportive and accessible service throughout the publishing process and congratulates them for making the journal achieve its goals and becoming successful as one of the leading and well-recognized broadcaster of scientific outcomes in the field of scientific work on all areas of biology.

The journal is using Editorial Tracking System for quality peer review process. Review processing is performed by the editorial board members of Electronic Journal of Biology or outside experts. We publish high-quality review and maintaining standards on data presentation and deposition. Our goal is to help scientists share their findings in the most efficient and effective way possible by keeping peer review process, providing editorial feedback on manuscript text and social media promoting papers after publication. Our aspiration is to facilitate scientific discovery in new ways by exploring new technologies in all areas of biology.

The Journal will publish all major areas of biology few among them are Chemical biology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Biomedical research, Pharmacology, Biotechnology, Synthetic biology, Molecular biology, Nanobiology, Neurobiology, Structural biology, Ecology, Plant biology, Animal biology, Life science, Medical and pharmaceutical science, Agricultural science and technology, Biological engineering and technology, Biological education and other related topics.

 Imedpub Publishing is proud to have excellent Editorial Board members to lead the academic and managerial team of the journal. Journal is Indexed in Publons, Index Copernicus, OAJSE, Cite Factor, Clarivate Analytics-Zoological Records, MIAR, Openaccessarticles.com, Proquest Summons, Google Scholar and Cosmos. Our Editorial Board Members are giving their valuable support and their relevant experience in guiding the contemporary researchers to advance scientific enquiry and explorations as well as in conducting editorship to make their research globally discoverable; helping the biology education sector avail the digital resources and helping the clinical professionals in keeping themselves updated with latest observations. 

Editorial Team
Electronic Journal of Biology
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