Reproductive Immunology: Open Access journal Gaining Broad Readership and Getting 30+ Million Readerbase.


Reproductive Immunology: Open Access journal Gaining Broad Readership and Getting 30+ Million Readerbase.

Reproductive Immunology: Open Access (ISSN: 2476-1974) broadcasts latest experimental, empirical, theoretical, clinical observations and interpretations in the field of reproductive immunology originating from all across the world. The journal promotes communication and sharing of rapid and reliable source of information in the mode of original articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, etc. from researchers, clinicians, physicians and other health care and medical professionals. It publishes high quality research and information relevant to reproductive subjects including infertility, immunological testing, autoimmunity, cancer reproductive immunology, male and female reproductive tract, gestation and parturition, gametogenesis and embryogenesis, implantation and placental development, mammary glands and lactation, etc.

The journal has archived resource of several issues from 2016 which tract the significant steps during the evolution of reproductive study. The journal’s author base is composed of eminent academicians, scientists and medical professional from diverse geographical regions of the world. Similarly, the reader base also has heterogeneous composition as revealed by Google analytics. On an overall basis, the journal has been successful in collation of quality research outcomes in reproductive immunology and their wider propagation.

Google analytics has revealed that readers are constantly accessing the website round the clock. Approximately 355 visitors accessed the journal home page for various academic and research purpose which include: Knowing about the journal and its publication model; reading the aims and scope; manuscript preparation and submission protocol; accessing and citing the published content for scientific documentation.The geographical distribution of our readership is as follows: United States (12.68%), Iran (9.01%), India (7.32%) and Iraq (7.32%).The focus and mandate of the journal as detailed in the aims and scope attracted the researchers and professionals of medical science to the journal home page and encouraged them to submit their contributions as they found the journal to be most relevant and suitable for reaching out to the audience and gain wider recognition in their field of research.The citation metric of the journal revealed an upward trend over the past several years which indicated that the journal content was not only read but was also utilized in respective research endeavors and explorations.

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