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Interventional Radiology (IR) is a medical specialty which provides image-guided diagnosis and treatment of disease in order to minimize risk to the patient. Interventional radiologists commonly perform both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Angiography (imaging of blood vessels), cholangiography (imaging of bile duct), biopsy (pathological examination of a tumor) are the diagnostic procedures. Drainage catheter placements and Dialysis are the therapeutic procedures.

 A Biopsy is a medical test commonly performed involving extraction of sample cells or tissues for examination to determine the presence or extent of a disease. The tissue is generally examined under a microscope by a pathologist, and can also be analyzed chemically. Biopsies are most commonly performed for insight into possible cancerous and inflammatory conditions.

When cancer is suspected, a variety of biopsy techniques can be applied. An excisional biopsy is an attempt to remove an entire lesion, the amount of uninvolved tissue around the lesion, is examined to see if the disease has spread beyond the area biopsied. A wedge of tissue may be taken in an incisional biopsy, A variety of sizes of needle can collect tissue (fine needle aspiration biopsy) circulating tumor cell assays or cell-free circulating tumor DNA tests. These methods provide a non-invasive alternative to repeat invasive biopsies to monitor cancer treatment.

A huge number of new diagnostic techniques like biopsy are being discovered each day, Journal of imaging and interventional radiology is aimed to bring such unique and useful findings into light through its publications, and is fulfilling the aims by actively publishing the articles related to the fields of radiology. Journal is now accepting articles for the issue of 2019 in any form like case studies, research articles, reviews, short commentaries etc.

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