Diagnosis of Cushing’s disease in an Adolescent Male: A Case Report

Image Cushing’s disease: Cushing’s syndrome (CS) is a rare endocrine disorder caused by prolonged exposure to an excessive amount of glucocorticoids. Identifying the cause begins with determining whether hypercortisolism is adrenocorticotrophin (ACTH)-dependent (from the pituitary or ectopic sources) or ACTH-independent (from an adrenal source). Cushing’s disease (CD) is the most common cause of endogenous CS and it represents a rare cause of short stature in children and adolescents. The diagnosis of CS is often challenging because most of the symptom... Read More

Hypoglycemic Effect of Selected Plant Species in Diabetic Patients

Image In the present project it was attempted to see the hypoglycemic effect of certain plant species in diabetic subjects. The subjects were fed with Neelkanthi (Ajuga bracteosa) and Plakhar (Ficus lacor) leaves alone and in combination with oats, soybean flour, amla powder and tomato juice for a span of 3 weeks. The sugar level was investigated and it was observed when Neelkanthi fed alone there was a 22.70 and 31.14 percent decrease in fasting and postprandial blood sugar. Plakhar was also noticed for its hypogly... Read More

Journal of Pharmaceutical microbiology leading a Successful Journey of couple of years bonding with the Prominent authors to make a great impact in the Publishing Industry

Image Journal of Pharmaceutical Microbiology expresses gratitude to all its elite panel of editorial board members for their continuous efforts, support and encouragement throughout journey of the journal, right from its inception in the year 2017 and congratulates them for making the journal achieve its goals and becoming successful and well-recognized broadcaster of scientific outcomes and perspectives from systematic inquiry into infectious diseases, medicine, and its related field. ... Read More

Safety Measures to avoid Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders for Better tomorrow

Image Endocrinology and Metabolism: Open Access is a peer reviewed and open access Journal. The Journal has successfully completed its three volumes and now going to start its fourth volume by the year 2020. On this occasion, we will be pleased to provide huge discount to the authors on Article Processing Charges. All aspects of Endocrinology and Metabolism are covered by the journal. The scope of the Journal is wide. Some of the topics covered by the Journal are Hormone metabolism, Structure and physiochemical properties, Paediatr... Read More