Women’s Health and Women’s Rights


Journal of Women’s Health and Reproductive Medicine is an interdisciplinary journal that explores clinical, medical, social and economic aspects of female reproductive health and medication worldwide.  This journal publishes articles which are under the scope of the women’s health, reproductive system, medicine, and treatment.

The journal mainly focuses on the research on pregnancy, menopause, prenatal care, breast cancer, urinary tract infections, menstruation irregularities, childbirth, and reproductive endocrinology.

Articles that are submitted to our journal will undergo a double-blind peer-review process to maintain quality and the standards set for academic journals.  The review process will do by our external reviewers which are double-blind. The peer-review process will help the articles to enhance the quality of the content and current studies in the field of particular work. Publication of an article in our journal will increase the readership base and citation of the article. Any scholar or researcher will discuss their inquiries or questions with us directly.

The comments will upload directly to the editorial tracking system. Later the editor will check the comments whether it is acceptable or not.   The overall process will take around 21 days under with the editor. After acceptance by the editor, it will be published on the Press page.  Authors can submit their manuscripts to the online submission portal.

Robert John
Editorial Manager
Journal of Womens Health and Reproductive Medicine